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Friday, December 11, 2015

Gentle Lavender Makeup Remover

Gentle Lavender Makeup Remover made with Young Living essential oils

For all my life, I've used toxic makeup remover. But thanks to some simple ingredients from around the house, the toxic remover is no more! This makeup remover is gentle and nourshing. You can use your carrier oil of choice. And did I mention CHEAP! This gentle makeup remover cost hardly anything to whip up.

You will need:


Fill bottle 1/3 full with water, 1/3 with carrier oil of choice and 1/3 with witch hazel. Add 1 drop of Young Living lavender essential oil per ounce of makeup remover and shake well. I like the little 1 oz bottles because I like to make small fresh batches of homemade products, but the 4 oz would work just as well.

To use: Shake well before using. Moisten cotton ball or cotton round {Amazon link} with makeup remover. Wipe on closed eyelids with moisten cotton ball or makeup pad and swipe over closed eyelids.

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