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About me (Bridget Davet)
and my Young Living story

Bridget Davet, Owner; Jean-Paul Davet; Sport Davet

In 2012 I became a proud momma to a handsome little man! As any new mom does, I started researching the best things for my kids and family. Being allergic to fragrance, I had already switched all of our cleaning, beauty and household supplies over to fragrance-free all natural brands. But after intense research I realized I could be doing more to protect my family from toxins and harmful chemicals.

After having my son and joining my "mommy group", I started hearing my new friends talk about essential oils. They'd post on Facebook about how a certain oil had helped with their sick kid, or another moms giving advice on how to help you sick kid with oils. I remember the first time one of them told me to put Peppermint oil on my son to bring down his fever when he was sick for the very first time ever. Peppermint oil???? You mean that stuff I used for making bath salts? Was she crazy!!! I eventually purchase a bottle of peppermint oil and it sat on my counter. No one thought to ask me if I actually knew anything about the oils or how to use them. A few bottles and a few bucks later... I still had no clue!

By now I had my second son and was applying an oil blend on him to help with his colic (as directed from my mommy friends)... still had no clue. Finally my friend, Lacy, invited me to an "Essential oils 101 class". Now it all made sense!!! I learned what were essential oils, what they were used for and how to use them. Why didn't I know all this before? I did research on Young Living and some other of the big named essential oil companies. In no time, I purchased my Young Living Premium starter kit and my life (and my family's lives) are forever changed!

We now use our essential oils for everything. I have replaced using most all our medicines with the Young Living essential oils. I threw out ALL our cleaning supplies and now use the Thieves household cleaner for all our cleaning needs. I started making my own beauty and household products using a few natural ingredients and my essential oils. After sharing the oils and my experience with others, my new love of essential oils became a business that started to grow and grow and grow .... join me today on this life changing journey!

Bridget Davet / Davet Designs

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  1. Hi Bridget, where did you grow up in south Louisiana? I live in Jennings which is between Lake Charles and Lafayette!